Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Beautiful Kids

This is Jack. Jackson Caleb Kekoa Wikle. He's my beautiful, baby boy... and he just turned 3 months today!

Just before Jack was born I weighed in at 269lbs. WOWZERS! I packed on about 27lbs during my pregnancy. Within 2 weeks, I lost all 27 of those pounds. (Yippee!)

And now, dear readers, I share with you that my STARTING weight for the Biggest Loser competition, the weight that I shall NEVER, EVER, EVER see again is...


Hold me to it. Never again.


  1. Go Erin Go! I'm rooting for you!!!

  2. Hey Erin,

    It's Lianne (from HBA)! I'm so glad I found your blog... and a weight loss blog too!! As you can tell, I got one too! I totally can't wait to see you crush your goals!


  3. You can do it! Your kids are beautiful! Plan B: get a puppy. They have to go outside ALL the time and go on walks. Mine makes me get off my drives me crazy at times :) We should definitely catch up. It's been way too long. Do you have SKYPE?