Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Going Green...

Today's weigh-in found me 1.8lbs lighter. Not a massive loss, but a loss nonetheless! (That's what we're goin' for, folks.) That brings my total loss over the past 2 weeks to: 6.8lbs. The rest of my competitors are doing a fabulous job... and here's a quick shout out to Lesley Dock for being this week's BL. You're doing well, friend! Keep it up!

Yesterday's day off was great! (Thanks, Mr. King.) As opposed to working out in our complex's small fitness room in front of a large flatscreen, Chris and I made our way over to Seattle's infamous Greenlake and enjoyed a 3mile walk (with some mandated running involved) around this gorgeous emerald city landmark. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the ducks were were playing in the mud (???) and there was no rain to, well, rain on our parade. :-) With Starbucks, husband, and baby in tow, we had a wonderful time enjoying God's creation and enjoying each other.

I've decided to kick it up a bit this week. I've grown a teensy bit lax in the area of eating - still making good choices, but probably not being as careful as I should be about portions. I feel as though I've ate my weight (hehee) in crudite and spring salad mix over the past 2 weeks, which is good -- BUT, I need to remember to stay on top of eating my lean proteins, etc. in order to stay full and satisfied throughout the day.

Okay, faithful readers. Until next time.

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