Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bad day, good day.

Yesterday was a tough day in weigh-loss world. For whatever reason, I found myself more hungry than usual throughout the day. I was bummed! Things seemed to be smooth sailing since starting our Biggest Losers comp. last week... alas, I should have known better!

While I didn't come completely unglued, I did make a few choices (i.e. reaching for that last piece of See's Christmas candy... doh!) that were purely due to my being, by nature, incredibly undisciplined when it comes to emotional impulses.

Nonetheless, I trek on! Today was a good day. In fact, I've just returned from a nice hard-cardio work out and am feeling great! Preceding that, I enjoyed a nice dinner with my family and "extended family" Shelby & Christine. Shelby and I are both "in it to win it" and Christine has dropped about 30lbs herself since we returned from Africa (summer 2008). We had a great time sharing, laughing, and eating together... and our time together was no less enjoyable in the absence of a rich, unhealthy meal. Do I miss that stuff? Sure. I won't lie. But, I'd much rather have the genuine fellowship and satisfaction that come from a great meal with great friends and family.


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