Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Biggest loser competition (ROUND 1) is now over. 12 weeks later I am down 15.4lbs and came in 3rd among my 12 competitors. While I wasn't THEE biggest loser (hat tip to Christina Hood who came in 1st & Lesley Dock who came in just behind her!) and while my progress certainly has been slower than I'd originally anticipated, I am pleased! I am being constantly reminded that this is a LIFE LONG COMMITMENT and it takes time (and endurance) to build in new, healthy, and consistent habits.

Round 2 of BL starts this Tuesday... another 12 weeks in the comp., same stakes, most of the same folks from round 1 will be joining in alongside a few newbies. Yay! I am reinspired to keep at it and to work hard.

I suppose my most EXCITING news is that I am officially training for a 5K run! A handful of us will be running the Race for the Cure in support of breast cancer research, etc. on Sunday, June 6th in Seattle. I AM STOKED! I really am! My mama is my inspiration. I am running for her in celebration of her 15+ years in remission from breast cancer.

In terms of training, so far I've got 4 1.5mi runs under my belt... next week will increase to 1.75mi runs. Eeek! It's felt great to push my body to new limits and to see just how far I've come. Yes, I've "only" lost 15 or so lbs, with 65 more to go until I reach my GOAL weight. But, the human body is STRONG and I am proving that to myself each time I mark off completed run on my chart! God is good.

Anyway... on that note, I appreciate your continued support. I need cheerleaders and encouragers and appreciate all of those who have shared a kind word as I work towards being a litter thinner, a little stronger, and a little more "fit" to keep living and serving the Lord has he's called me to do!

Love you all!


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  1. Erin, great job! 15 lbs. in 12 weeks is fantastic. And good for you with the 5k run.