Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 weeks to go!

Hello, everyone!

I realized I miscalculated my total loss the last time I'd posted. Sorry about that! I was 13lbs down. However, I am happy to share that I am down another 1.6lbs, newly and accurately totaling 14.6lbs loss.

As always, slow but steady. That seems to be the ONLY way to really do it and to do it right! More than anything, I am pleased to still be moving in the right direction - esp. in light of a very stressful past several weeks. I've made some poor decisions here and there, but have tried to stick with the idea that, "Just because you ate one cookie doesn't mean you need to finish off the box!" It's definitely not easy, but I am doing my best to keep changing my habits, thinking, and behavior little by little.

The BL competition (Round 1) is soon coming to an end... 3 more weigh-ins until we find out who the final winner is! My GOAL is to reach 20lbs loss in the next 3 weeks (5.4 more lbs). Think I can do it???

In closing, I'll share my Top 3 highlights from this past week!

1) Digging through some old clothes and finding a pair of jeans that are 2 sizes smaller than what I was wearing and finding that they FIT! Woo-hoo!
2) Discovering 110 calorie bagel thins at Costco. Mmmm!
3) Kickin' some serious butt in Hot Yoga and finding myself really being able to do most of the postures well!



  1. Great job my friend!! Is there much interest for Round 2?

  2. A few people, yes! Still haven't heard from everyone. Not sure why... will try and find out once and for all by next week's weigh-in!