Thursday, February 11, 2010

This post comes later than expected... my apologies.

Well, no change in my weight this week. I supposed this is better than gaining! Nonetheless, I am certainly at a point of difficulty as I struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Obstacles I've faced this week:

1) Attempt #1 at hot yoga...
2) Being so sore following attempt at hot yoga that I could not work out (read: hardly walk) 2 days later...
3) Making preparations for my daughter's 3rd birthday...
4) Preparations included: m&ms, funfetti cake, hot dogs, and mac 'n cheese -- all at her request, of course. Afterall, it was her party and she could've cried if she wanted to... lol...
5) Getting sick. Agh, need I say more????

I feel as though I have lost some momentum, but I need to quickly propel forward lest I fall tragically backwards before having even gotten very far.

Say a prayer that my ears clear up, throat fills better, and that I get it together again!

Thanks, friends & followers,

Honest Erin

p.s. I made 2nd appearance at hot yoga and actually felt pretty good afterwards. A sign of success and progress!


  1. LOL...I know the feeling of working out and feeling great only to have EVERY muscle ache the next day. My arms being sore I can tolerate, but have my quads, hamstrings, and glutes in so much pain it hurts to sit and fun!!! So glad your 2nd attempt at hot yoga was not as painful :-)

  2. You are kicking butt! Keep it up Erin!

  3. you were amazing at hot yoga! you are an amazing mommy and i love you